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Join forces with the most dynamic team on campus in problem-solving. Dive into a world of hands-on experience where you'll tackle real-life challenges head-on.


Get ready to explore the realms of UI/UX research, product development, and user analysis, unlocking a wealth of knowledge and skills along the way. This is your opportunity to be a part of an exceptional journey that goes beyond the ordinary. 


Don't just dream it, do it - Join Team Alpha now and take your passion for innovation to a whole new level!

What is Alpha?


  • Networking Opportunities

  • Work on Live product with live data insights

  • Validating your ideas

  • Learn to keep users at the core


Program started


Member Team

It was a game-changer for my product development journey. Invaluable mentorship and industry insights boosted my confidence and refined my pitch. Highly recommend!

Rajesh Kumar

Our Projects

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