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Northeastern University's

Aspiring Product
Managers Club 

We are the only club for Product Managers at Northeastern University. APMC serves as a platform for aspiring product managers, designers, and builders.

We empower members to succeed in their careers and make meaningful contributions to their industries through workshops, training, and networking events.

By providing an inclusive and supportive platform for students to explore the exciting realms of product management and technological entrepreneurship, learn, collaborate, and ignite ideas that will steer transformative advancements in the digital realm and beyond.


Our Programs

APMC offers diverse programs and hackathons to boost your product management skills. 
You can be a beginner in the product management field and yet join this club. 
Join our next event and explore the possibilities!


3 Weeks

Product Management Interview Prep Series

Opening your doorway to  break into PM Internships/Co-ops/ Full-Time roles

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Product Prototyping Hackathon

Challenges you to develop innovative solutions in alignment to the problem statement.


This could be the start you wanted!

2 Weeks

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Product conference

A Conference For Everything Product!

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4 Weeks

Product Bootcamp for Beginners 

  • Workshop

  • Case studies

  • Engaging activities and more to get
    you started with Product Management


Product and Tech Incubator

Understand users and solve their problems with the power of tech!

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at the moment

Get Involved


Apply to be a Team Member

(Applications open soon)

We generate great product leaders, and are here to
foster growth in your product management journey.

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