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Vice President Operations - Protothon


Program Type:



About the Team

The Product Management Hackathon is an innovative event that brings together creative minds to develop and refine product ideas. It's a dynamic platform for aspiring and experienced product managers to collaborate, innovate, and showcase their skills.

About the Role

Position Overview:
As the Vice President of Operations for Protothon, you will oversee the day-to-day operations, event coordination, facilities management, budget oversight, and vendor relationships. This role is pivotal in enhancing the overall member experience, ensuring operational efficiency, and aligning with the club’s mission and values. We are looking for a proactive leader passionate about operational excellence to contribute significantly to the program's continued success.

Key Responsibilities:

Operational Management:
Manage the daily operations and logistics of Protothon.
Oversee facilities and ensure all event needs are met.

Event Coordination:
Coordinate all aspects of the Protothon, including scheduling, participant management, and logistics.
Budget and Vendor Management:
Oversee budget allocation and financial planning for Protothon.
Manage relationships with vendors and partners.

Team Leadership:
Lead and inspire a team dedicated to the success of Protothon.
Foster a culture of excellence and efficiency.
Member Experience Enhancement:

Implement strategies to improve the overall experience of Protothon participants.

Ensure that Protothon aligns with APMC’s mission and values.

Demonstrated leadership and operational management experience.
Strong organizational and event coordination skills.
Excellent communication and team management abilities.
Experience with budget oversight and vendor management.
Passionate about product management and operational excellence.

What We Offer:
The opportunity to play a crucial role in a pioneering product management event.
A platform to develop and showcase leadership and operational skills.
Networking opportunities with industry professionals and like-minded peers.
A chance to make a meaningful impact in a growing student organization.

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