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Vice President, Northstar

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About the Team

About APMC's Northstar Bootcamp:
Northstar, APMC's Product Management Bootcamp, is an immersive program designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to product management. This bootcamp aims to equip aspiring product managers with the skills, knowledge, and practical experience necessary to excel in the field.

About the Role

Position Overview:
We are seeking an experienced and dynamic Vice President of Northstar to lead our Product Management Bootcamp. This role involves overseeing all aspects of the bootcamp, including content creation, participant management, feedback collection, and continuous program improvement. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in product management and a passion for education and mentorship.

Key Responsibilities:

Content Creation and Management:
Develop and update the bootcamp curriculum to ensure it reflects the latest trends and best practices in product management.
Oversee the creation of engaging and informative content that meets the learning objectives of the program.

Participant Management:
Manage participant enrollment and engagement, ensuring a diverse and motivated cohort.
Foster an inclusive and interactive learning environment.

Feedback Collection and Implementation:
Gather and analyze feedback from participants to continuously improve the bootcamp experience.
Implement changes and updates to the program based on participant and industry feedback.

Strategic Leadership:
Drive the strategic vision and direction of the Northstar bootcamp.
Collaborate with industry experts and stakeholders to enhance the program's relevance and impact.

Team Collaboration:
Work closely with APMC leadership and other departments to align the bootcamp with the club's overall goals and objectives.
Lead and inspire a team dedicated to the success of the bootcamp.

What We Offer:
The opportunity to lead a premier product management educational program.
A chance to shape the careers of aspiring product managers.
A collaborative and dynamic working environment.
Networking opportunities with industry professionals and academic leaders.

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