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UI/UX Designer


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About the Team

The design team at APMC is a creative and dynamic group, specializing in crafting engaging visual experiences for the club's various initiatives. Their expertise is pivotal in visually branding events like the Product Conference and Protothon, ensuring each has a distinct and appealing aesthetic. Collaborating closely with the various teams and PMs, they play a crucial role in ensuring the online presence of APMC is both user-friendly and visually striking. Their work, characterized by innovative design solutions and attention to detail, significantly enhances the overall impact and accessibility of APMC's programs and online platforms. The team's ability to translate complex product management concepts into compelling designs makes them an invaluable asset to APMC.

About the Role

● Collaborate with PMs to understand project requirements and objectives
● Create wireframes, prototypes, and visual designs using Figma
● Contribute to the continuous improvement of our design processes, tools, and guidelines
● Demonstrate solutions and iterate quickly on feedback
● Portfolio of work demonstrating creative ability is required
● BONUS: skills to manage and maintain the club’s website.
● Passion, integrity, and energy!

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