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Protothon 2.0
Registration Form

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Thank you for showing interest in APMC Protothon2.0! 


It is a 2-week product hackathon for aspirants to conceptualize a product idea that solves a real customer problem. It's a chance for anyone who's been sitting on an idea or thinking about a problem but didn't have the time or community to transform it into a tangible solution. This is an opportunity for those looking to learn or transition into product management and gain the fundamental skills required to interweave design into bringing those product ideas to life.


You can form a team minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 to create a solution for the design challenge. If you don't have one, then don't worry! We will help you form a team. Remember, this is a Protothon, not a hackathon; we are emphasizing problem-solving and designing rather than functionality.

One registration per team. 



Nov 5th: Phase 0 - Problem Statement release

Nov 12th: Phase 1 - Qualifier (Showcase your development so far)

Nov 19th: Phase 2 - Finale Shortlisted teams will showcase their high fidelity wireframe/prototype

Note: For any changes in Team, Team name, Team members after registration has been made, please contact the Protothon team for any further assistance.

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