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Northstar is a 6 week Product Bootcamp to learn the basics of Product Management and importantly think like a Product Manager. The program starts on the 4 th week of September and goes till mid November. 


Northstar is for anyone at Norteastern irrespective of their background! Would you like to get into Product Management? Go for the application!

Week 1

  • Introduction to Product management

  • Problem Solving 

Week 3

  • Building your MVP

Week 5

  • Data /Analytics/Metrics

Week 2

  • Validating your ideas

Week 4

  • UI & UX

Week 6

  • Agile Methodologies

What Our Members say

Karan Dalal, Product Manager Co-Op, Kayak

After a semester with APMC, I was greatly confident and fixated on getting a product manager role. After four months of job search, I finally landed my very first product management intern role. During that time, I worked with different members to prepare for product sense, strategy, analytical, behavioral, and technical questions. There were times when we spent hours breaking down the strategies of various products. APMC is a community of smart and passionate people where I learned and developed my skills to become a product manager

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