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APMC is back with Protothon 4.0, a 2-week product hackathon for product aspirants to conceptualize a product idea that solves a real customer problem.

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Protothon 2.0 Flashback





Results from Protothon 2.0
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Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 12.07.24 PM.png
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Protothon Judges' portfolio

Participants received Internship offers from

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Participant Testimony

Participant Testimonials

Team Name: Game of Features
Position: Second Runner’s up
Name: Aniruddha Patil

Team name: Team Pastels
Position: Winners
Name: Aayushi Pandey

Team Name: ASK
Position: First Runner’s up
Name: Aditya Bhojani

Protothon 2.0 was a thrilling event that challenged us to put our product development knowledge into practice and solve real-life problems. Our team - Game of Features was excited to participate and put our heads together to come up with innovative solutions. In the end, we secured the second runner-up position, and our sense of accomplishment was genuinely enthralling.


The competition was an excellent opportunity for us to collaborate with other participants and develop our problem-solving skills. We learned to approach challenges systematically, generate ideas, and test them with the target audience. Moreover, the experience reinforced the importance of communication and teamwork in product development.

Winning Protothon 2.0 as part of Team Pastels was an unexpected but pleasant surprise. The experience of working together, brainstorming ideas, and challenging each other's solutions was memorable and taught me valuable lessons about teamwork, respecting diverse perspectives, thinking processes, and work patterns.


The competitive and vast nature of the product world provided an opportunity to learn and expand my network through LinkedIn, which helped me build a community within the product industry and opened up new opportunities. Overall, the experience was enriching and helped me grow both personally and professionally

Protothon 2.0 was both challenging and incredibly rewarding. The opportunity to work with a talented team of individuals to develop unique features was truly inspiring. Our team worked tirelessly to brainstorm innovative ideas and develop solutions that would truly enhance the user experience for these companies' customers. Through long hours of designing, testing, and refining our product, we were able to create something truly unique and valuable.


The competition itself was intense, with many teams bringing their A-game to the table. However, the energy and excitement of the event was palpable, and it was truly inspiring to see so many talented individuals coming together to create innovative solutions. Overall, I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to participate in Protothon 2.0, and I am proud of the hard work and dedication that our team put into the competition.

  • Who can participate in Protothon 4.0?
    Protothon 4.0 is open to anyone who is interested in Product Management at Northeastern University including undergraduates and is interested to explore the field of product management or validate their knowledge. This includes product management aspirants, problem solvers, designers, project managers, UI/UX design and developers, business, marketing and finance majors, business/data analysts, and entrepreneurs. Participants may join as individuals or as part of a team
  • How can I register for Protothon 4.0?
    To register for Protothon 340, you need to visit the event website or registration/signup page and fill out the online sing-up form. You may be asked to provide personal information, contact details, and academic background.
  • What email address should I use when filling out the registration form?
    Please use your NU email ID
  • What is the registration fee for Protothon 3.0?
    Nope! Protothon 3.0 is free for anyone and everyone at Northeastern.
  • Can I form a team with people I don't know?
    Yes, forming a team with people you don't know is often encouraged in Protothon 3.0. This can lead to more diverse perspectives and a wider range of skills on the team. You will have to register using the ’I need a team’ form and you will be manually matched.
  • How many people can be on a single team?
    A team should comprise 2-4 people, a smaller team may be able to work more efficiently and make decisions more quickly, while a larger team may have more diverse skills and perspectives.
  • What should I do if I can't find a team?
    If you can't find a team, we will map you to a team. We will connect you with other participants who are also looking for teammates. You can also try posting in the hackathon's online forum or slack general channel to see if anyone is interested in forming a team with you.
  • How can I prepare for Protothon 3.0?
    To prepare for Protothon 3.0, you should research the event, its goals, problem statement and the challenges or opportunities it presents. You should also review the event's rules and guidelines, as well as any information about the judges or sponsors. Finally, you should brush up on your product management skills and relevant tools or methodologies.
  • Is there a deadline for registration for Protothon 3.0?
    Yes, March 21st - 11:59PM EST is Protothon 3.0 deadline for registration.
  • What happens if I still couldn't find teammates by the end of registration?
    No worries, you can still participate in Protothon! We will assign a set of teammates randomly and will be added to the messenger and communicated via email as well.

Have any more questions?

Reach out to protothon support from the message feature

What is Protothon?

Protothon 3.0 is a 2 - week Product Management and prototyping hackathon event that challenges participants to develop innovative solutions in alignment to the problem statement. Participants work together in teams to create new ideas, prototypes, or approaches that help participants implement their learning towards product management in a competitive environment and eventually come up with a project.

Over the course of two weeks, participants will work collaboratively to conceptualize and develop a new product idea that helps them come up with innovative solutions. Throughout the hackathon, participants will receive guidance and support from experienced mentors, who will provide feedback and help refine their ideas.

It is a great opportunity for product aspirants to collaborate, learn, and develop their skills while addressing real-world customer problems. We look forward to seeing the creative and innovative ideas that come out of this hackathon!

Qualifier Guidelines

During the first week, participants will focus on ideation and validation of the problem statement. They are expected to conduct research identifying customer pain points to validate their assumptions through customer interviews, and develop a clear understanding of their target market. Based on this research, they will develop a product concept that addresses the identified pain points.

General Event Guidelines
  • All communication will take place through APMC website, Email, In-site Messenger, APMC Wall

  • Be as creative as possible. Think out of the box. Let it be outlandish. Limitless!

  • Fall in love with the PROBLEM, not the SOLUTION.

  • All participants are requested to check the protothon wall in the category #announcements

  • Please check out the office hours time slots available for getting your questions answered regarding problem statement

  • Please use the Product Handbook as a reference when needed

  • Have fun and be kind!

Please find the timeline below

Protothon begins in

Protothon Timeline

Individual registrations 

Register to participate in protothon 3.0

5th March

Similing Team

Team Registrations 

Register your team and team grouping starts

15th March

Gaming Team in Black

Teammates finding deadline

Register your team and team grouping starts

22nd March :


Image by Barney Yau

Problem Statement Reveal

Launching the problem statement based on which, participants design and build a solution

Working on Laptop

Bootcamp 1 

This session would cover essential topics in 

introduction to hackathons and discussing a brief on the problem statement

Idea+Feature Submission

Participants present an outline of the product idea and features it would include, in order to solve the problem

Meeting Room

Bootcamp 2 

This session would discuss the problem statement deliverables and concepts

23rd March

24th March

26th March

28th March

Image by Teemu Paananen


Teams present essential deliverables to a panel of judges, ultimately competing for a position in the finale. The teams will have an in-person and virtual option 

3oth March

Working With Headphones
Collection of Trophies

Bootcamp 3 

This session would cover tops on introducing prototyping and a figma workshop 


Top 10 teams from the qualifier round present their product ideas, competing for the win!

4th April

6th April


Exposure to industry experts:

You will get to interact with industry experts, receive feedback on your work, and network with other professionals in the field.

Cash prizes:

There are going to be cash prizes and vouchers for the top three teams to take away. So, make sure to put your best foot forward this Protothon.

Professional development opportunities:

The Hackathon could provide you with access to professional development opportunities, such as workshops, mentoring sessions, and training programs.


Participants who produce outstanding work could be recognized through social media, blog posts, or press releases, which could help them build their personal brand and gain exposure in the industry.

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