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Program Communications Head

Club Ops

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About the Team

The Aspiring Product Manager's Club (APMC) is a premier organization at Northeastern University, dedicated to providing valuable insights and experiences in the field of product management. APMC organizes various programs and events like Meteor, Northstar, Protothon, Product Conference, and Team Alpha, aiming to nurture future product management professionals.

About the Role

Position Overview:
We are looking for an experienced and dynamic Marketing Head to lead our marketing efforts. This role involves spearheading the APMC forum with insightful product management articles and industry trends, coordinating with different program teams for content creation, and managing our social media presence to promote APMC and its events effectively.

Key Responsibilities:

Content Leadership:
Lead the development of engaging content for the APMC forum, including articles on product management and industry trends.
Collaborate with program teams (Meteor, Northstar, Protothon, Product Conference, Alpha) to curate relevant content.

Social Media Management:
Oversee and manage APMC’s social media handles.
Strategically schedule and publish content, including program designs and important announcements.

Coordination with Design Teams:
Coordinate with the design teams of each program to acquire and utilize designs for social media promotion.
Ensure that the content and designs align with APMC’s brand and communication strategy.

Event Promotion:
Develop and implement marketing strategies to promote APMC events.
Create compelling announcements and updates to engage the audience and increase event participation.
Team Collaboration:

Work closely with all program teams to ensure a cohesive and effective marketing approach.
Lead a team of marketers, guiding them in content creation and social media strategies.

What We Offer:

A leadership role in a vibrant and dynamic student organization.
Opportunities to network with industry professionals and peers.
The chance to significantly impact APMC’s growth and outreach.
A creative and collaborative work environment.

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