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Product Manager - Protothon


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About the Team

The Product Management Hackathon is an innovative event that brings together creative minds to develop and refine product ideas. It's a dynamic platform for aspiring and experienced product managers to collaborate, innovate, and showcase their skills.

About the Role

Key Responsibilities:

Design Team Leadership:
Lead and guide the design team throughout the hackathon.
Foster a collaborative environment that encourages innovation and creativity.

User Experience Oversight:
Oversee the overall design and user experience of products developed.
Ensure that design solutions are user-centered and meet end-user needs.
Collaboration with Stakeholders:
Work closely with the product management team and other stakeholders.
Understand and integrate the hackathon's goals and objectives into the design process.

Design Strategy Development:
Develop and implement design strategies that enhance product usability and appeal.
Ensure alignment of design solutions with the latest industry trends and best practices.

Feedback Integration:
Gather and incorporate feedback from users and stakeholders to refine product designs.
Continuously evaluate and adjust design approaches based on feedback and user data.

What We Offer:
A leadership role in a dynamic and creative hackathon environment.
Opportunity to work with a diverse team of product managers and designers.
Exposure to innovative product ideas and the latest industry trends.
A chance to significantly impact the design and user experience of new products.

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